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U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions

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  1. The United States military has said that one of its warships sailed near the disputed Scarborough Shoal which is claimed by China in the South China Sea.
  2. This move comes against a background of increased tensions between the US and China as they had failed to reach trade deal.The US military has said that its operations are carried out throughout the world including areas claimed by allies and they are separate from political considerations.
  3. South China Sea is a portion of the Pacific ocean which is bordered by some of the ASEAN countries and China.The dispute involves contesting claims both maritime and islands in the region by 7 countries which are Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
  4. The genesis of the dispute lies in the “eleven-dashed line” announced by the Chinese government in 1947 which was later changed to “Nine-dash line” in 1949 by Communist China.
  5. This line covers most of the South China Sea, which China claims to be a part of its territory and hence it possesses exclusive sovereign rights over the region.
  6. China puts forward historical evidence which show that the region was under Chinese control.However, these claims are contested by other littoral states in the region.

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