Bandipur Sanctuary now worth a staggering ₹6,405 cr.

  1. The National Tiger Conservation Authority has released an economic evaluation of tiger reserves in India. Different methods were employed to determine the economic, scientific, educational, cultural and recreational services of the tiger reserves.
  2. The evaluation has revealed that if monetary values could be assigned to benefits generated by the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, then the value would amount to ₹6,405.7 crore/ annum.
  3. For every rupee spent on the Bandipur Tiger reserve, the rate of return through various tangible and non-tangible benefits is 700%
  4. The Bandipur Tiger Reserve is located in Karnataka. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.
  5. Is part of the Western Ghats Tiger Landscape consisting of Mudumalai, Nagarahole Tiger Reserves and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.