7th Community Radio Sammelan

  1. The Seventh Community Radio Sammelan is being held in New Delhi.The Sammelan has been organized by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.
  2. The sammelan is centred on the theme of Community Radio for Sustainable Development Goals(SDG).
  3. Community Radio Stations from across the country is participating in it. They have discussed their experiences and the possibilities of programmes based on SDGs to raise awareness about the subject.
  4. During the sammelan,the minister asserted that each district in the country should at least have one community radio to sensitize local people about various social and developmental issues around their community.
  5. The Community radio is a radio service offering a third model of radio broadcasting in addition to commercial and public broadcasting.They broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local,specific audience.
  6. Community radio stations are operated owned and influenced by the communities they serve.They are generally nonprofit and provide a mechanism for enabling individuals,groups and communities to tell their own stories to share experiences and in a media-rich world to become creators and contributors of media.