A medicated nail enamel to help fight infection developed

  1. Researchers from the Delhi have developed a novel translucent nail lacquer fortified with an antifungal drug to treat onychomycosis.The drug-infused,quick-drying polymer can be easily applied like nail polish.
  2. Onychomycosis is an infection which is caused due to the fungus, named Trichophyton rubrum.It causes painful infection of toe and fingernails.
  3. The infection is prevalent in coastal regions and wet work zones.It accounts for about half of all nail diseases.It causes brittleness, discolouration and disfigurement of nails.
  4. The disease needs prolonged treatment with both oral medication and application of ointments which are both expensive and have side effects.
  5. This nail lacquer produced by researchers has shown promising results in delivering the antifungal drug for extended durations indicating its potential use as a topical application and effective remedy to treat onychomycosis.

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