Air-independent propulsion(AIP) system

News: Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) programme to build a fuel cell-based Air Independent Propulsion(AIP) system for Indian Naval Submarines has crossed several milestones in technology maturity.


About Air Independent Propulsion(AIP) system:

  • Air-independent propulsion(AIP) is any marine propulsion technology that allows a non-nuclear submarine to operate without access to atmospheric oxygen(by surfacing).
  • AIP can augment or replace the diesel-electric propulsion system of non-nuclear vessels.
  • It enables conventional submarines to remain submerged for a longer duration.

Significance of AIP:

  • AIP significantly improves the stealth of a submarine as it allows a submarine to generate electricity for services and battery charging and propulsion while completely submerged.
  • AIP enables conventional submarines to remain submerged for two to three weeks at a time.This significantly reduces the risk of detection.
  • AIP systems also permits diesel-electric submarines to recharge their batteries independent of their engines.
  • It also helps to reduce the noise without compromising the submarine performance.

Additional information:

About Submarine:

  • A submarine is a watercraft capable of independent operation underwater.A submarine is the quietest military platform and extremely tough to detect.
  • Their main cover is their ability to move stealthily under water and keep an eye on enemy movement of vessels.