Amur Falcon

News:The radio tagged Amur falcons have started to arrive in India for further destination to their breeding grounds in northern China.


  • Amur falcons(Falco amurensis) are the world’s longest travelling migratory raptors.
  • They migrate annually during winter from their breeding grounds in Mongolia, South-east Russia and northern China to warmer South Africa through India and across the Arabian Sea.
  • Doyang Lake in Nagaland is known as a stopover for the Amur falcons during their annual migration.
  • IUCN Status: Least Concern
  • It is also protected under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and the Convention on Migratory Species(CMS) to which India is a signatory.
  • Nagaland Government organises Amur Falcon festival to spread awareness about the need to provide safe passage to Amur falcons.