Cyclone Amphan likely to impact Odisha and West Bengal

News: Cyclone Amphan is likely to be a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale which is expected to make landfall between West Bengal and Bangladesh close to Sundarbans.


Categorization of Cyclones:

  • Category 1: Wind speed of 119-153 km/h- negligible house damage, some damage to trees and crops.
  • Category 2: Destructive winds of 154-177km/h- Minor house damage, significant damage to trees, crops and vehicles, risk of power failure.
  • Category 3: Very destructive winds of 178-209km/h- Some roof and structural damage, some caravans destroyed, power failure likely.
  • Category 4: Very destructive winds of 210-249km/h- Significant roofing loss and structural damage, vehicles blown away, widespread power failures.
  • Category 5: Very destructive winds speed of more than 250km/h- Catastrophic damage with widespread destruction.