Delhi zoo generated ecosystem services worth Rs 422.76 crore in 2019-20 : Study

News: According to a study by the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the annual economic value of ecosystem services provided by the Delhi zoo works out to be ₹422 crore.The study was commissioned by the Central Zoo Authority.


  • Ecosystem Services: These are the direct and indirect contributions of the ecosystems to humankind’s well-being.
  • Classification: Ecosystem services can be categorized into four types:
    • Provisioning services: Products obtained from ecosystems such as food, freshwater, fibre, genetic resources and medicines.
    • Regulating services: Benefits obtained from regulation of ecosystem processes such as flood prevention, climate regulation, water purification and pollination
    • Supporting services: Non-material benefits obtained from ecosystems (e.g. nutrient cycling, soil formation).
    • Cultural services: Non-material benefits that people obtain from ecosystems such as spiritual enrichment, intellectual development, recreational activities and aesthetic values.

Additional Facts:

  • Central Zoo Authority: It is a statutory body established in1992 under the Wildlife Protection Act,1972.
  • Nodal Ministry: Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change
  • Objective: To regulate zoos across the country and to lay down guidelines under which animals may be transferred among zoos nationally and internationally.
  • Composition: It is chaired by the Union Environment Minister with 10 members and member secretary.