India, Myanmar agree to work towards operationalization of Sittwe Port

News: India and Myanmar have agreed to work towards the operationalization of the Sittwe port.


  • Sittwe Port: It is a deepwater port constructed by India in 2016 at Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State in Myanmar.
  • The port is situated at the mouth of the Kaladan River and is being financed by India as a part of the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project.

Additional Facts:

  • Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project: It is aimed at connecting the eastern Indian seaport of Kolkata with Sittwe seaport in Myanmar. 
    • In Myanmar, it will then link Sittwe seaport to Paletwa in Chin State via the Kaladan river boat route and then from Paletwa by road to Mizoram state in Northeast India.
  • Significance: The project will reduce distance from Kolkata to Sittwe by approximately 1328 km and will reduce the need to transport goods through the narrow Siliguri corridor also known as Chicken’s Neck.