Interpol creates cybercrime-related communication services

News: INTERPOL has created two secure and flexible services to facilitate cybercrime-related communication among police and other stakeholders.



  • Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange workspace: It is open to law enforcement, governments, international organizations and cybersecurity industry experts to exchange non-police operational information on cybercrime.
  • Cybercrime Collaborative Platform: It is a centralized information hub for the coordination of global law enforcement operations against cybercrime.


Additional Facts:

  • International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL): It is an intergovernmental organization established in 1923 with the aim to facilitate worldwide police cooperation and crime control in around 194 countries.Headquarters: Lyon,France.
  • INTERPOL National Central Bureau(NCB): Each of the member countries hosts an INTERPOL NCB.It connects their national law enforcement with other countries and with the General Secretariat of Interpol.
    • The Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) is designated as the National Central Bureau of India.