UN adopts India sponsored resolutions on nuclear disarmament

News: The First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly has adopted two resolutions sponsored by India on nuclear disarmament titled ‘Reducing Nuclear Danger’ and ‘Convention on Prohibition of the Use of Nuclear Weapons’.



  • Convention on Prohibition of the Use of Nuclear Weapons: The resolution was tabled by India since 1982.It requests the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva to commence negotiations on an international convention prohibiting the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances.
    • The aim behind it is that the legally and universally binding agreement will generate the necessary political will globally that will lead to the total elimination of nuclear weapons.
  • Reducing Nuclear Danger: The resolution was tabled by India since 1998.It draws global attention to the risks of unintentional or accidental use of nuclear weapons and underscores the need for a review of nuclear doctrines.It calls for concrete steps to reduce such risks including through de-alerting and de-targeting of nuclear weapons.


Additional Facts:

  • United Nations General Assembly First Committee (also known as the Disarmament and International Security Committee) is one of six main committees at the General Assembly of the United Nations.It deals with disarmament and international security matters.
  • Conference on Disarmament(CD): It is a multilateral disarmament forum established in 1979 by the international community to negotiate arms control and disarmament agreements.It meets annually in three separate sessions in Geneva,Switzerland.