Elephant protection campaign gets a ‘Gatimaan’ push

  1. India’s semi-high-speed train Gatimaan Express will now be actively promoting elephant protection in partnership with Wildlife SOS. Seats on the train now carry the message “Joy rides on elephants is elephant abuse”.
  2. In 2018,the Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, had published a report about the dire conditions of the elephants used for tourist rides at Amer Fort,Jaipur.
  3. In this background, Wildlife SOS has launched its ‘Refuse to Ride’ campaign to open the eyes of the public to the harsh realities surrounding traditional methods that involve training elephants for tourist rides by using painful and cruel methods.
  4. Wildlife SOS (WSOS) is a non-profit organization in India. It was established in 1995.The primary objective is rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife in distress in the country.It is internationally known for ground breaking work of eradicating the cruel and barbaric practice of Dancing Bears from the streets of India.