Every child to get Rotavirus vaccine by September

  1. The Central government has planned to expand the coverage of Rotavirus vaccine to all 36 states and union territories by September, 2019.The vaccine is currently available only in 28 states and UTs in India.
  2. Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among infants and children throughout the world.
  3. Rotavirus is transmitted by the faecal-oral route via contact with contaminated hands,surfaces and objects and possibly by the respiratory route.
  4. Every year in India,37 out of every 1,000 children born are unable to celebrate their fifth birthday and one of the major reasons for this is deaths due to diarrhoea.Rotavirus is a leading cause of diarrhoea in children less than five years of age.
  5. India is committed to ending morbidity and mortality in children due to diarrhoea by 2022.The government is also committed to increasing the full immunisation coverage and ensuring that the benefit of the life saving vaccines is provided to every child.
  6. According to the National Family Health Survey 2015-16,the immunisation coverage in India stood at 62% lagging behind China (90%), Bangladesh (95%) and Sri Lanka (95%).