Experts Developing Protocol to Test Sewage for Covid-19 Traces

News:A team of experts from the COVID Action Collab (CAC) is exploring ways to treat sewage water to detect traces of coronavirus.


  • Metabolic waste of COVID-19 patients contain traces of coronavirus. It can be detected through special laboratory tests.


  • It will help in early detection and subsequently prevent further spread of the virus.
  •  It will also help greatly in densely populated urban clusters, ghettos, etc, where it becomes extremely difficult to test the swab sample of every individual.

Additional facts:

COVID Action Collab

  • It  is an initiative by a group of experts.It is ideated by the Catalyst Group, a social impact platform.
  • Objectives:
    • Prevent new infections
    • Diagnose early,
    • Treat appropriately and with care
    • Mitigate negative impacts on livelihoods, well-being.