Explained: How the TRP system works

News: Mumbai Police Commissioner has said that police are looking into a scam about manipulation of TRPs (Television Rating Points) by rigging the devices used by the Broadcast Audience Research Council(BARC) India which has the mandate to measure television audience in India.


  • What is TRP? It represents how many people from which socio economic categories watched which channels for how much time during a particular period.
  • Methodology: For calculating TRP, BARC has installed “BAR-O-meters” in over 45,000 empanelled households.These households are classified into 12 categories under the New Consumer Classification System (NCCS).
  • Significance of TRPs:
    • Television ratings in turn influence programmes produced for the viewers. Better ratings would promote a programme while poor ratings will discourage a programme.
    • TRPs are the main currency for advertisers to decide which channel to advertise on by calculating the cost-per-rating-point (CPRP).

Additional Facts:

  • BARC: It is an industry body jointly owned by advertisers, ad agencies, and broadcasting companies, represented by The Indian Society of Advertisers, the Indian Broadcasting Foundation and the Advertising Agencies Association of India.