Goa Maritime Conclave– 2019

News:The Goa Maritime Conclave(GMC)-2019 was inaugurated by the National Security Advisor(NSA) at Goa on 4th October 2019.


About the Goa Maritime Conclave(GMC):

  • The theme for the conclave is “Common Maritime Priorities in IOR and need for Regional Maritime Strategy”. 
  • The conclave was attended by the heads of the navies of ten nations from the Indian Ocean region of (a)Bangladesh (b)Indonesia, (c)Malaysia (d)Maldives (e)Mauritius (f)Myanmar (g)Seychelles, (h)Singapore (I)Sri Lanka and (j)Thailand.
  • It focussed on issues such as (a)capacity building among Indian Ocean region(IOR) navies to tackle emerging maritime threats and (b)discussing cooperative strategies for enhancing interoperability among partner maritime agencies.

Key takeaways from the conclave:

  • During the conclave,NSA has said that seas, outer space and cyberspace are going to offer the biggest opportunity and also present the most serious threat to security.
  • Further,the NSA also stressed on the need to continuously design infrastructure and research-backed intelligence to tackle new threats arising from the seas.

Additional information:

About NSA:

  • The National Security Adviser (NSA) in India is the senior official on the National Security Council(NSC) of India and the chief adviser to the Prime Minister of India on national and international security policy.