Govt launches initiatives on International Day of Biodiversity

News:On the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity 2020, the Union Minister of Environment has launched key initiatives towards conservation of biodiversity.


Biodiversity Samrakshan Internship Programme:

  • It was launched by the National Biodiversity Authority(NBA) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
  • Aim: To engage 20 students with postgraduate degrees for a period of one year to support the projects of NBA in various State/UTs and to technically assist the State Biodiversity Boards Biodiversity Council in discharge of their mandates.

Not all Animals Migrate by Choice Campaign:

  • It was launched by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau along with the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) against Illegal Trafficking of Endangered Species.
  • Aim: To create awareness and garner public support for the protection and conservation of wildlife, prevention of smuggling and reduction in demand for wildlife products.

Additional Facts:

  • Wildlife Crime Control Bureau: It is a statutory multi disciplinary body established by Government of India under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change to combat organized wildlife crime in the country.
  • National Biodiversity Authority(NBA): It was established in 2003 as a statutory autonomous body under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and climate change to implement the provisions under the Biological Diversity Act, 2002.