Govt releases guidelines to monitor, check illegal sand mining

News:Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has released the Enforcement and Monitoring Guidelines for Sand Mining 2020 to monitor and check illegal sand mining in the country.


About the Guidelines:

  • These rules serves as a guideline for collection of critical information for enforcement of the regulatory provisions and for effective monitoring of Sustainable Sand Mining Rules 2016.

Key provisions of the Guidelines:

  • States to carry out river audits and should put detailed survey reports of all mining areas online and set up a dedicated task forces at district levels.
  • States to monitor the movement of sand at different levels such as at the time of sale and purchase at stockyards and during transportation.
  • Use of technology through remote surveillance, drones to curb Illegal mining.
  • Online sales and purchase of sand and other riverbed materials to make the process transparent. 
  • The transportation of Sand should take place only in vehicles which are installed with GPS and have been registered with the state government.

Drawbacks of the Guidelines:

  • The guidelines has put the entire onus on the states to enforce and monitor sustainable mining while completely relieving itself from any kind of responsibilities.
  • There is no mechanism on who will enforce and monitor sustainable mining in bigger projects while states have been told to monitor for projects below 100 hectares.