Immunotherapy boosts survival outlook for lung cancer patients

  1. According to a report,immunotherapy treatment can help significantly boost survival rates among patients suffering from advanced lung cancer.
  2. The report is based on a clinical trial conducted by researchers.The clinical trial found out that almost 25% of patients who had received the immunotherapy drug and who had not previously received chemotherapy were alive after five years.
  3. Clinical trials are scientific studies conducted to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat disease.Clinical trials study how safe and helpful tests and treatments are.
  4. Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that empowers one’s own immune system to fight off cancer.Immunotherapy works to harness and enhance the natural powers of the immune system to work against the disease by enabling it to recognize, target, and eliminate cancer cells throughout the body.
  5. Chemotherapy is a treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells directly. Chemotherapy attacks all rapidly-dividing cells that it can locate within the body, effectively targeting fast-growing tumors.
  6. Further,unlike chemotherapy which acts directly on cancerous tumors, immunotherapy treats a patient by acting on the immune system.Immunotherapy can both activate a stronger than normal immune response in the body as well as teach the immune system how to identify and destroy cancer cells.

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