India and Norway launch initiative to combat Marine Pollution

  1. India and Norway has signed a letter of intent establishing the India-Norway Marine Pollution Initiative. The initiative aims to combat marine pollution- one of the fastest growing environmental concerns in 21st century.
  2. It envisages a) support to local governments in implementing sustainable waste management practices, b) develop systems for examining sources and scope of marine pollution, c) improve private sector investment to combat marine pollution, d) promote beach clean-up efforts and e) mass awareness campaigns.
  3. It is the first joint initiative under the MoU between India and Norway on India-Norway Ocean Dialogue, signed in January 2019.
  4. MoU on India- Norway Ocean Dialogue provides for a) create opportunities for collaboration in areas such as exploitation of hydrocarbons and other marine resources, b) management of ports and tourism development, c) increase Food Security through infusion of new technologies in fisheries and aquaculture and d) study ocean ecosystem.