India has nearly 3000 tigers, up by a third from 2014 count

  1. According to the recently released 4th Tiger Census data, India has 2,967 tigers.
  2. The population has increased by nearly 33% since the last census in 2014 when the total number of tigers was 2,226.
  3. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of tigers at 526, followed by Karnataka (524) and Uttarakhand (442).
  4. The number of tigers has decreased drastically from 46 to 19 in Chhattisgarh. There has also been a decline of tiger population in Mizoram and Odisha.
  5. Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest number of tigers. Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu registered the “maximum improvement” since 2014.
  6. No tigers were found in Buxa (West Bengal), Dampa (Mizoram) and Palamau (Jharkhand)
  7. Currently India has over 80% of the global tiger population which stands at 3,159.
  8.  Tiger is listed as Endangered in the IUCN Red List.