India signs ₹200 crore anti-tank missile deal with Russia

  1. India has signed a deal with Russia for buying ‘Strum Ataka’ anti-tank missiles for its fleet of Mi-35 attack helicopters.
  2. The deal for acquiring ‘Strum Ataka’ anti-tank missiles was signed with Russia under the emergency clauses.
  3. Under the emergency financial powers given to the three services (Army, Navy, Air force), they can buy the equipment of their choice within three months at a cost of up to Rs 300 crore per case.
  4. The IAF has earlier acquired the Spice 2000 guided bombs and various other bombs and missiles under these provisions to equip itself with sudden war.
  5. The Army is also acquiring the Spike-LR Anti-Tank Missiles from Israel and Igla-S Very Short Range Air Defence Systems (VSHORAD) from Russia under the same provisions.

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