Indian bullfrogs take to invasive behaviour early in Andamans

  1. According to a recent study published in Biological Invasions,Indian bullfrog in Andaman islands exhibit their invasive behaviour early in their lives.Even in the developmental stages,the large bullfrog tadpoles eat other native frog tadpoles.
  2. The bullfrog is found widely in mainland India and protected under Schedule IV of the Indian Wildlife Act 1972.It is steadily occupying the islands’ ecosystem and threatening the local economy.
  3. The Indian bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus) was likely introduced to the Andamans in the early 2000s.By 2009,these frogs were found on several islands and were considered invasive.
  4. The Indian bullfrog is mainly aquatic,inhabiting mostly freshwater wetlands,both natural and artificial (especially paddy fields).However,it is absent or uncommon in forested areas and coastal regions.
  5. The increasing population of bullfrogs in Andaman has threatened biodiversity and livelihoods of locals by preying on their fish and chicken.Hence,this is leading to unusual man-frog conflict.
  6. A species is considered invasive when it reproduces and spreads successfully in a non-native area,where it may have harmful effects on native plants and animals.