Indian Oil Corporation Launches Special NATO Class Diesel for Indian Navy

News: Vice Admiral G S Pabby launched the Upgraded High Flash High-Speed Diesel (HFHSD- IN 512)


About Upgraded High Flash High-Speed Diesel (HFHSD- IN 512)

  •  It has been developed by Indian Oil Corp (IOC). It is being supplied from Haldia and Paradip refinery.
  • It has a unique combination of low pour and Cold filter plugging point (CFPP) and High Flash Point.
  • It has the highest cetane number amongst all marine diesel fuel.


  • possesses the best rheological and detergent characteristics
  •  lesser environmental impact due to low Sulphur content
  • provide fuel of better quality than that mandated to all foreign navies under bilateral/ multi-national logistics support pacts
  •  It would be a key enabler in the Navy’s ‘Mission Based Deployment’ on a global scale.