Karnataka govt. takes efforts to solve mystery over birthplace of Purandara Dasa

News:Department of Archaeology in Karnataka will commence field research work to explore archaeological evidence that may put an end to speculations regarding the birthplace of Purandara Dasa.


  • Purandara Dasa was a Haridasa (meaning servant of Lord Hari or Lord Krishna), a renowned composer of Carnatic music, a Vaishnava poet, saint and a social reformer.
  • He was a disciple of the philosopher-saint Vyasatirtha and contemporary of another great Haridasa, Kanakadasa.
  • In honour of his significant contributions to Carnatic music, he is widely referred to as the Pitamaha (father) of Carnatic music.
  • He is also noted for composing Dasa Sahitya, as a Bhakti movement vocalist and a music scholar.