Low pressure area formation likely over Bay of Bengal, T.N. may witness rainfall on Sunday, Monday

  1. The India Meteorological Department has said that a low pressure area is likely to develop over central parts of south Bay of Bengal and it is expected to intensify into a cyclonic storm. Bangladesh has named the prospective tropical cyclone “Fani”.
  2. Tropical cyclone is a system of low pressure occurring in tropical latitudes. The cyclone activity is at its maximum in late summer and early autumn.
  3. In April and May, tropical cyclones form in the South and adjoining Central Bay of Bengal and move initially northwest, north and then recurve to the northeast striking the Arakan coasts in April and Andhra-Orissa-West Bengal-Bangladesh coasts in May.
  4. For quick identification of storms in warning messages, naming of cyclones are done. The tradition of naming cyclones started with hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, where
  5. The process of naming cyclones involves several countries in the region and is done under the aegis of the World Meteorological Organization. For the Indian Ocean region, deliberations for naming cyclones began in 2000. A formula was adopted in 2004