Ministry of Earth Sciences may go in for decadal forecast system

News:During the 6th International Conference on Climate Services,the Ministry of Earth Sciences(MoES) has announced that India is planning a ‘decadal forecast’ system along the lines of the United Kingdom’s Met Office to ensure better predictability in the climate time scale.


About Decadal forecasts system:

  • Decadal forecasts system is the Climate forecasts that extend existing seasonal forecasts to the multi-year and decadal timescales.
  • The World Meteorological Organization has set up global producing centres coordinated by the U.K. Met Office for annual to decadal projections that are already providing global-scale information.

Decadal forecasts system in India:

  • The system would be explored as a research programme by Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology(IITM),Pune along with the India Meteorological Department(IMD) and other entities.
  • The programme will be using a coupled climate model by utilising signals emanating from deep oceans to predict decadal climate changes
  • Once the system is established,it would initially function for long-range forecasting at the national level and the model would later be applied to the state or even district-level.

Additional information:

About International Conference on Climate Services(ICCS):

  • ICCS is the world’s premiere climate services event organized jointly by the Global Framework for Climate Services,an international effort coordinated by the World Meteorological Organization and the Climate Services Partnership.
  • The 6th ICCS conference was held at the Institute of Tropical Meteorology(IITM),Pune.