New space company to facilitate Isro tech transfer to industry

  1. The union cabinet approved the setting up of a new company under the Department of Space (DoS), to commercially exploit the research and development work carried out by the various centres of the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro).
  2. The new company will be licensed by the DoS/Isro, which will in turn sub-license the technology and products to industries.The role of this new company will be different from Antrix, Isro’s commercial arm, as the latter is only involved in commercial launches of foreign satellites.
  3. Private sector will thus actively collaborate with Isro in bringing to life new ideas and technologies, helping to market space-based products and services, including launch and applications.
  4. The areas/avenues that provide opportunities for commercial exploitation of Isro programmes include:(a) Small satellite technology transfer to industry (b) production and marketing of space-based products and services, including launch and applications (c) Transfer of technology developed by Isro centre’s and (d) Any other products/technology which the government deems fit.