New species of freshwater fish found

  1. Recently,Scientists from Zoological Survey of India have discovered two new species of freshwater fish from different parts of the country.
  2. The new species discovered are (a)Glyptothorax gopii and (b)Garra simbalbara ensis.
  3. Glyptothorax gopii is a catfish found in Mizoram’s Kaladan river.It measures 63 mm in length without caudal fin.The fish is dark brown on its dorsal surface and its ventral surface is of a yellowish-light brown.
  4. The fish has an axe-shaped anterior nuchal plate (bone below dorsal fin) which makes it distinct from other species of the genus Glyptothorax.
  5. The elliptical thoracic adhesive apparatus and plicae (folds of tissue) present on the ventral surfaces of the pectoral-fin spine help the fish cling to rocks.
  6. Garra simbalbara ensis was found in Himachal Pradesh’s Simbalbara river.It measures 69 mm standard length without caudal fin and has a yellowish-grey colour fading ventrally.
  7. The fish takes its name from the Simbalbara river.It has a prominent unilobed and rounded proboscis with tubercles that help the fish in manoeuvrability.