Odisha braces for heavy rain from cyclonic storm Amphan

News: Indian Meteorological Department(IMD) has issued an ‘orange alert’ over heavy to very heavy rainfall that is likely to take place in coastal districts due to Cyclonic storm Amphan.


About Colour- Coded Weather Warning:

  • The IMD issues colour-coded warnings to alert the public ahead of severe or hazardous weather conditions that can cause disruption or damage.

Different Colour Codes:

  • Green(No warning): No advisory is issued in such cases.
  • Yellow(Be updated): It indicates severely bad weather panning across several days.It also suggests that the weather could change for the worse causing disruption in day-to-day activities.
  • Orange/ Amber(Be prepared): It is issued as a warning of extremely bad weather with the potential of disruption.It is also a sign for people to prepare for evacuation and protect themselves from bad weather.
  • Red(Take action): It is issued when the extremely bad weather conditions are certainly going to disrupt life.In this case, people must take all measures to protect their families and follow the instructions of local authorities and disaster-response teams.

Additional Facts:

  • IMD:It was established in 1875 under the Ministry of Earth Sciences.It is the principal agency responsible for meteorological observations, weather forecasting and seismology.