One billion year old fungi is found to be earth’s oldest

  1. Recently,Scientists have discovered the Oldest-known fossils of a fungus named Ourasphaira giraldae in an Arctic region of northwestern Canada.
  2. The ancient fungus is the ancestor of today’s mushrooms, yeasts and molds and lived in at the mouth of a river mouth of a river between 890 million and 1.1 billion years ago.
  3. The microscopic fossils of ancient fungus dates back to the Proterozoic era before the advent of complex life forms and thus represent the oldest-known fungus.Until now,the oldest-known fungus fossil was one about 410 million years old from Scotland.
  4. Scientists have said that Fungi are the closest relatives to animals in the ‘tree of life’.This means that,if fungi were already present around 1 billion years ago,animals also were present.
  5. Fungi play a crucial role in ecosystems decomposing organic matter and returning nutrients to the ground to help plants grow.The existence of fungi a billion years ago suggests that the organisms laid the groundwork for the first plants to colonise the land about 470 million years ago.
  6. Further,Fungi belong to a broad group of organisms called eukaryotes that possesses a clearly defined nucleus and also includes animals and plants.A fundamental difference between fungi and plants is that fungi are incapable of photosynthesis harnessing sunlight to synthesize nutrients.

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