One Sun One World One Grid project put on hold

News: Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) has put calls for proposals to the One Sun, One World, One Grid(OSOWOG) initiative on hold till further notice.


  • One Sun, One World, One Grid(OSOWOG) initiative: It was proposed by India to build a global ecosystem of interconnected renewable energy resources that can be easily shared.
  • Vision: The vision behind the initiative is ‘The Sun Never Sets’ and is a constant at some geographical location, globally, at any given point of time.
  • Aim: To build global consensus about sharing solar resources among more than 140 countries of West Asia and South-East Asia.At a later stage, the project envisages getting this grid interconnected with the African power pools.
  • Phases: The initiative is planned to be completed in three phases:
    • Phase I (Middle East-South Asia-Southeast Asia(MESASEA) interconnection.
    • Phase II (Solar and other Renewable Energy resources rich regions’ interconnection).
    • Phase III (Global interconnection).
  • Significance: An interconnected grid would help all the participating entities in attracting investments in renewable energy sources as well as utilize skills, technology and finances.