Operation ‘Clean Art’ to crackdown on illegal trade in mongoose hair

News:Recently,Operation Clean Art was conducted in India to ensure that the mongoose hair brush trade be closed down across the country.


About Operation Clean Art:

  • Operation Clean Art was the first pan India operation to crackdown on the smuggling of mongoose hair in the country.
  • It was conceived by Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) with the aim of ensuring that the mongoose hair brush trade should be closed down across the country.

About Mongoose:

  • Mongooses belongs to the Herpestidae family.They are commonly found in the open forest, cultivated land and close to human habitation.
  • There are six species of mongoose found in India which are (1)Indian grey mongoose (2)Small Indian mongoose (3)Ruddy mongoose, (4)Crab-eating mongoose (5)Stripe-necked mongoose and (6)Brown mongoose.
  • The mongoose are listed in Schedule II of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 making its hunting, possession, transportation and trade a punishable offence.
  • They are listed as Least Concern in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List.
  • The Mongoose hair is in high demand among artists worldwide because of the quality of brushes they help create which define lines clearly and hold paint properly.

Additional information:

About Wildlife Crime Control Bureau(WCCB): 

  • Wildlife Crime Control Bureau is a statutory body established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Environment and Forests to combat organized wildlife crime in the country.
  • It assists the Customs authorities in inspection of the consignments of flora & fauna as per the provisions of the Wild Life Protection Act, CITES and EXIM Policy governing such an item.

Functions of WCCB:Under Section 38(Z) of the Wild Life (Protection) Act,1972, it is mandated to 

  • To collect and collate intelligence related to organized wildlife crime activities and to disseminate the same to State and other enforcement agencies.
  • To establish a centralized wildlife crime data bank.
  • To coordinate actions by various agencies in connection with the enforcement of the provisions of the Act
  • To assist foreign authorities and international organization concerned to facilitate coordination and universal action for wildlife crime control
  • To build the capacity of the wildlife crime enforcement agencies for scientific and professional investigation into wildlife crimes and assist State Governments to ensure success in prosecutions related to wildlife crimes and 
  • advise the Government of India on issues relating to wildlife crimes having national and international ramifications.