Rain-loving’ snake discovered in Mizoram

  1. Researchers have discovered a rain loving snake in Mizoram called as Smithophis atemporalis. This discovery has been included in the New Zealand-based journal Zootaxa.
  2. The Mizoram rain snake (Smithophis atemporalis) has been named after eminent British herpetologist, Malcom A Smith, for his contribution to Indian herpetology.
  3. The species looks like a slender elongated common water snake with black-white-yellowish scales.They frequent streams close to human habitation in Mizoram and are usually seen after the rain,thus deriving the name,the Mizo rain snake.
  4. The features of this snake are (a)It is a non-venomous snake (b)It is a predominantly aquatic species and (c)It lacks specific enlarged scales in the temporal region of the head.This character is extremely rare in snakes of this family,hence its name Smithophis atemporalis.

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