Researchers develop an eco-friendly process to remove pollutants from water

  1. Researchers have developed a wastewater treatment process.This process uses a common agricultural byproduct to effectively remove pollutants and environmental hormones known as endocrine disruptors.
  2. In this process,the team has used rice hulls which are discarded during rice harvesting to create eco-friendly and economical,biochar.The surface of the biochar was coated with nano-sized manganese dioxide to create nanocomposite. 
  3. Environmental hormones are chemical compounds that resembles endocrine hormones.These compounds are able to activate the same endocrine receptors as their natural counterparts and can thus disrupt hormonal activity.
  4. Both wastewater and sewage that are unavoidably formed at any industrial worksite usually consist of huge quantities of environmental hormones (endocrine disruptors) and pollutants. 
  5. Since environmental hormones do not disintegrate easily,they can have a massive adverse impact on the environment as well as on the human body.This wastewater treatment process will help in removing these environmental hormones.