Rising carbon dioxide levels may double floods

News:According to a study conducted by scientists, risk of extreme floods or storms are rising due to increased CO2 level.


About the study:

  • The study is based on the data collected on climate from 155 countries over 46 years(1970 to 2016).
  • The analysis has used econometric modelling which involves accounting for a country’s vulnerability to hazards, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), population density and changes in mean rainfall.

Key takeaways from the study:

  • Due to rising carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere,the intense storms and floods could double every 13 years.
  • The intensity of Hydro meteorological disasters such as floods,droughts , landslides could increase by 5.4% annually.
  • On an average, India will face one extreme disasters every year.Extreme disaster is defined as one that causes 100 or more fatalities and/or affects 1,000 or more people.