Single-Use Plastic


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that India would phase out single use plastic by 2022. However, there would be no blanket ban on single-use plastics.


Single-Use Plastics:

  • Single-use plastics, often also referred to as disposable plastics, include items intended to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.
  • They are commonly used for plastic packaging. These include, among other items, grocery bags, food packaging, bottles, straws, containers, cups and cutlery.

Global Single use plastic Waste Generation:

According to UNEP,

  • In 2015, plastic packaging waste accounted for 47% of the plastic waste generated globally, with half of that coming from Asia.
  • China was the largest worldwide generator of plastic packaging. The USA was the largest generator of plastic packaging waste on a per-capita basis, followed by Japan and the EU.