Survey of India to deploy 300 drones for mapping country

News: The Survey of India (SoI), will for the first time, use about 300 drones to map the country


  • The map being prepared through the drones will be of 1:500 resolution, meaning 1 cm on the map will represent 500 cm on the ground.
  • At present, the best SoI maps have a resolution of 1:2500 meaning a 1 cm on the map represents 2500 cm on the ground.


  • The drone mapping will help SoI in getting unprecedented detail of India‚Äôs landscape
  • It will also help creating high resolution maps of land in villages facilitating the digitisation of land titles in villages

Additional Information:

Survey of India

  • Survey of India is the national survey and mapping organization of India. It functions under the Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • It was set up in 1767 and is the oldest scientific department of India.
  • It provides user focused, cost effective, and reliable and quality geospatial data, information and intelligence to meet the needs of national security, sustainable national development and information markets.