The Ithai barrage of Manipur: To decommission or not

News: Manipur has urged the Central Government to consider the decommissioning of the Ithai barrage.


  • Ithai barrage:It was constructed in 1983 at the confluence of Imphal River and Tuitha River, south of Loktak Lake as part of Loktak Hydroelectric project.
  • Purpose: To act as an artificial reservoir to maintain sufficient water volume in loktak lake for the continuous generation of hydropower.
  • Concerns: Over time, it has affected the hydrology of the lake and harmed the ecology and economy of the region.

Additional Facts:

  • Loktak Lake:It is the largest freshwater lake in Manipur.It is famous for its phumdis floating over it which are formed naturally.Keibul Lamjao National Park which is the only floating National Park in the world is located on the Loktak Lake.