This dinosaur had bat­ like wings

  1. Researchers have discovered the fossil of a new “bat–winged” dinosaur in Liaoning province, northeast China. The study has been published in the journal Nature.
  2. It has been dubbed as dubbed Ambopteryx longibrachium. The dinosaur lived around 163 million years ago during the Jurassic period. According to scientists, it had creature had membranous wings like a bat, rather than feathery wing like a bird.
  3. According to the study, the discovery shows that dinosaurs took a few turns on their evolutionary journey into birds. Flying dinosaurs usually had their feathered wings attached to long palm bones as opposed to membranous wings attached to arm bones. Eventually feathered, palm bone-attached wings won out, which gave rise to the modern-day bird.
  4. The recently discovered fossil is only the second to show a dinosaur with bat-like wings. The first bat-winged dinosaur, Yi qi, was discovered in 2015. Both the Yiqi and Ambopteryx belong to a small family of dinosaurs called scansoriopterygids.

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