Global Drug Survey: Indians lead world in seeking help to reduce drugs intake

  1. The Global Drug Survey (GDS) 2019 has reported that Indians lead the world seeking help to reduce their alcohol intake. This is the first time the survey has polled respondents from India.
  2. According to the survey, alcohol, tobacco and cannabis were the most common stimulants used by Indians. 51% of the respondents wanted to ‘drink less’ in the following year and 41% ‘wanted help to do so’- highest among all countries. Also, 51% of those surveyed said they wanted to use ‘less cannabis’ in the following year; more than any other nationality and also above the global average of 31%.
  3. Further, 6% of the female Indians surveyed reported seeking ‘emergency medical treatment’ in the last 12 months. The global female average was about 13%. However, none of the males in India reported seeking medical treatment, compared to the global average of 12%.
  4. Global Drug Survey is an independent research company based in London. It carries out an anonymised, online survey that uses a detailed questionnaire to assess trends in drug use and self-reported harms among regular drug users and early adopters of new trends.

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