Top Navy commanders to review security preparedness in maritime domain

  1. The first edition of Naval Commanders Conference of 2019 is scheduled to be held at New Delhi from 23 to 25 April 2019.The Conference assumes greater significance in the backdrop of Pulwama associated events.
  2. The conference is the apex forum within the Service for institutionalised interaction between the Naval Commanders themselves and between Naval Commanders and senior Government Officials.It is a biannual conference which is held twice a year.
  3. The discussions at the conference will take place on (a)functional reorganisation of Indian Navy towards improving operational efficiency (b)optimal manning (c)acquisition of new capabilities (d)harnessing niche technologies like big data analytics and artificial intelligence for solutions in the domains of naval combat and (e)convergence of networks,logistics and administration.
  4. The Chief of the Naval Staff with the Commanders-in-Chief will also review major operational,material logistics,HR,training and administrative activities undertaken during the previous six months and deliberate upon the course to be steered in the ensuing six months.