UMMID initiative

News:The Union Minister for Science & Technology has launched the UMMID initiative.


About UMMID:

  • UMMID stands for Unique Methods of Management and treatment of Inherited Disorders.
  • The initiative aims at creating awareness about genetic disorders amongst clinicians and establish molecular diagnostics in hospitals so that the benefits of developments in medical genetics could reach patients.
  • The initiative will be implemented by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Features of UMMID:

  • Establish NIDAN (National Inherited Diseases Administration) Kendras to provide counselling, prenatal testing and diagnosis, management, and multidisciplinary care in Government Hospitals wherein the influx of patients is more.
  • The initiative aims to produce skilled clinicians in Human Genetics.
  • It also aims to undertake screening of pregnant women and newborn babies for inherited genetic diseases in hospitals at aspirational districts.