World heritage day

News:Every year, 18th April is celebrated as World Heritage Day.


  • World Heritage Day was started by the International Council on Monuments and Sites(ICOMOS) in 1982.It was also approved by the UNESCO General Assembly in 1983.
  • Aim:To enhance awareness of the importance of the cultural heritage of humankind and redouble efforts to protect and conserve the human heritage.
  • Theme: “Shared Culture’, ‘Shared heritage’ and ‘Shared responsibility”.

Additional Facts:

  • World Heritage Site:It is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) as a place of culture importance and which requires special protection.
  • In India, there are a total of 38 heritage sites in India.It ranks sixth in the largest number of heritage sites in the world.
  • ICOMOS:It is a non-governmental international organisation associated with UNESCO.It is dedicated to the conservation of the world’s monuments and sites with its headquarters in Paris,France.