World Reconstruction Conference (WRC4)

  1. The Fourth edition of the World Reconstruction Conference (WRC4) was held in Geneva.This conference was organized in partnership with the 6th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR).
  2. The World Reconstruction Conference is a global forum that provides a platform to collect, assess, and share disaster reconstruction and recovery experiences and take forward the policy dialogue for an effective international disaster recovery and reconstruction framework.
  3. The theme of the conference was “Inclusion for Resilient Recovery” which means Inclusion in disaster recovery and reconstruction is a key condition for the people’s resilience.
  4. The overall goal of the WRC4 was to build consensus and to renew and accelerate efforts towards realizing inclusive recovery processes. To this end, the conference has discussed the challenges and inherent biases in the process of recovery and the reasons for which certain population groups are systematically excluded.
  5. Further,this conference has contributed to the international discourse on inclusion by raising awareness, facilitating discussion, sharpening the thinking, and setting the agenda for future engagement.
  6. GPDRR is a global partnership that helps developing countries better understand and reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards and climate change.It is a grant-funding mechanism managed by the World Bank that supports disaster risk management projects worldwide.

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