Zinc deficiency rising in Indians

  1. A recent research has found out that rising carbon dioxide levels can accelerate zinc deficiency in crops which can lead to deficiency in human consumption.
  2. The study states that inadequate zinc intake has been rising in India for decades which has led to millions of people becoming newly deficient in Zinc.
  3. The highest rate of inadequate zinc intake was concentrated mainly in the southern and northeastern States with rice-dominated diets like Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh,Manipur and Meghalaya.
  4. Zinc is found in a range of foodstuffs including liver,eggs,nuts,cereals and seafood.The absence of zinc is associated with a number of conditions including,short stature,anemia,impaired healing of wounds, poor gonadal function and impaired cognitive and motor function.
  5. The most important effect of zinc deficiency is its impact on young children,who are more susceptible to contracting malaria,diarrhoeal diseases and pneumonia when suffering from zinc deficiency.The presence of zinc plays a critical role in human immune systems.