312 Sikh foreigners removed from post-militancy ‘adverse list’

News:Government has removed the names of 312 Sikh foreign nationals from the local adverse lists commonly known as ‘Black Lists’.


About Black list:

  • Black list is maintained by Indian Embassies in different countries and posts abroad.
  • It contains a list of Indian-origin people who have taken asylum i.e right to international protection in this other country abroad under plea of alleged persecution in India.
  • Those who are in the list are denied visa services by Indian missions and posts in respective country.

Why were Sikhs blacklisted?

  • The Operation Blue Star in 1984 involved Army action at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab.
  • Many Sikhs protested the Army action and were alleged to be involved in anti-national activities.Subsequently they sought political asylum in foreign countries.
  • Indian intelligence agencies gave a list containing their names to all Indian embassies and high commissions.Consequently,these individuals were blacklisted.