5.6cr Indians lived outside their state of birth in 2011

  1. According to Census 2011 migration data, more than 5.6 crore Indians lived in states other than the ones they were born in.
  2. UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and MP had the highest ‘outmigration’. Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat had the largest ‘in-migration’.
  3. Among larger states, Bihar had the lowest number of people migrating into the state and most of the migrants came from Jharkhand and UP. Migrants from Bihar moved more towards the eastern states of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Assam.
  4. People born in UP constituted the largest share (45%) of Delhi’s migrant population followed by Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
  5. In most southern states, people from neighbouring states constituted the largest share of the migrant population. In Kerala, Bengalis (5%) were the only significant non-southern migrant population.
  6. Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand had more in-migration than out-migration. While, UP, Bihar and Rajasthan had negative net migration i.e. more people left the state than coming in.