A.P. Cabinet gives the nod to abolish Legislative Council

News:The Andhra Pradesh Assembly has passed a statutory resolution seeking to abolish the state Legislative Council.


About Legislative Council:

  • India has a bicameral system i.e two Houses of Parliament.At the state level, the equivalent of the Lok Sabha is the Vidhan Sabha or Legislative Assembly and that of the Rajya Sabha is the Vidhan Parishad or Legislative Council.

Need of Legislative Council:The Legislative Council is needed

  • To act as a check on hasty actions by the popularly elected House and 
  • To ensure that individuals who might not be cut out for the direct elections too are able to contribute to the legislative process.

Creation of Legislative Council:

  • Under Article 169 of the constitution,Parliament may by law create or abolish the second chamber in a state if the Legislative Assembly of that state passes a resolution to that effect by a special majority.

Strength of Legislative Council:

  • As per article 171 clause (1), the total number of members in the legislative council must not have more than a third of the total membership of the Assembly of that state and in no case fewer than 40 members.

Election of Legislative Council:

  • 1/3rd of members are elected by the members of the Assembly.
  • 1/3rd by electorates consisting of members of municipalities, district boards and other local authorities in the state.
  • 1/12th by an electorate consisting of teachers.
  • 1/12th by registered graduates.
  • The remaining members are nominated by the Governor from among those who have distinguished themselves in literature, science, art, the cooperative movement, and social service.