Accessible Elections; a successful endeavor of Election Commission of India during Lok Sabha Election 2019

  1. Election commission of India’s motto of ‘Accessible Elections’ was successful in making the India’s elections inclusive and participative for all.
  2. EC had used several key initiatives such as electors with disabilities and senior citizens were mapped polling station wise to provide them targeted and need based assistance on the day of poll.
  3. During the election,all the polling stations were equipped with enough supply of wheelchairs and it was ensured that all polling stations had sturdy ramps for the convenience of Persons with Disabilities(PwD) electors.
  4. EC had also launched a ‘PwD App’ to enable PwDs to request for new registration,change in address,change in particulars and mark themselves as PwD through the app.
  5. Further,EVMs used in the elections were also embossed with Braille signage for the visually impaired voters assistance.It was also the first time that Electoral Photo Identity Card(EPIC) with braille were provided to the visually impaired electors.
  6. Other than nationwide initiatives States also innovated and enhanced the spirit of accessibility.In states such as Uttarakhand,Himachal and J&K initiative of DivyangSarathi and DivyangDolis was rolled out to facilitate PwDs and senior citizens.